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David Ezra works with you every step of the way, from pre-mediation preparations to post-mediation follow-up. Clients can expect to reach settlements through innovative dispute resolution strategies provided by a highly experienced and creative neutral. As an alternative to litigation, mediation provides parties with the opportunity to resolve their disputes with less risk, less expense, and more control.

Mediation Overview


David Ezra Mediations navigates complex mediation cases to resolve disputes with a high likelihood of success. He assesses the situation and collaborates with all parties to ensure a lasting settlement.

Reasons to consider mediation as an alternative to litigation:

  • Parties actively participate in the resolution of their dispute

  • Parties retain control since they must agree to any settlement reached in mediation

  • Parties have the final say in arriving at a resolution, not the judge, jury, arbitrator or appellate panel.

  • If no settlement is achieved -- a rare but possible occurrence -- the parties can return to where they started in no worse position.

  • One may select a mediator who is skilled in the subject matter of the dispute and experienced in the negotiating strategy of the disputing parties


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